December 15th, 2007


I am an incorrigible showoff part 375

OK so Pegasol gives me a headache too, but not as fast as kerosene. The back of my nose is stingy and my eyes feel a bit sandpapery.

But I had fun! Turns out getting semi naked and shaking your ass hooping for an audience on the Wellington Friday night waterfront is no different from hooping for your friends on the Petone Friday night waterfront, except maybe that there's more appreciation because most of the people haven't seen it before.

But it turns out that there's yet another thing I can do in front of hundreds of people. Hehe.

(there may have been a rousing and slightly bent rendition of Mercedes Benz in there, thanks to ferlengheti. How to overcome shyness when singing - sing while doing something you're not shy about)

I learned a couple of new tricks while I was at it too.

Thanks to everyone who came down in support. It made my night - along with the guy who asked me to dance for his girlfriend because it was her birthday, then slipped something into my hand later as a 'token of appreciation.' It turned out to be a joint. Which I'll figure out what to do with later, me not being big on pot. I do appreciate the thought though. ;-)