December 13th, 2007


Got yer pressies sorted yet?

No skating this morning. I woke up and it'd rained in the night. Everything smells cleaner, and the paths were all wet. On skates, your wheel bearings are very close to the ground, and getting water in your bearings is Bad News. Also, it's slippery and leads to potentially embarrassing and painful wipeouts. So I caught the bus like a normal person, and walked along Lambton Quay to work. Ah, Lambton Quay, my old friend full of familiar faces..

Well, they aren't all that familiar. But the expression on them is. For the most part, it's a kind of resigned, sleepy, semi-awakeness, or the thousand-yard stare that people get when they're off in their head wherever the music takes them.

Then there's the Disapproving Look. I got lots of those this morning.

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Bouldering tonight at Ferg's. I'll be there from around 4:30. You should come!

Last night, I dreamed that edm and I staged a massive rebellion on the internet, in which we really hammered home our cause by refusing to use correct punctuation. Take that, internet! Ph3ar our Scary Rebel Skillz0rs!

This post brought to you by too much coffee and having red meat for dinner last night.