December 12th, 2007


In the name of love, we raise the roof

Now here's a thing.

One of the things that came out of yesterday was about singing. I have a natural aversion to men's voices raised in loud song. I have no problem with amplified single voices, or even two or three voices harmonising, but when you get a bunch of men without microphones, lifting their voices in joyous and voluble abandon, I feel something akin to pain - it's like being beaten from all sides with sound, and makes me want to cry and run away.

(Yes, I know, subwoofers, psytrance, warps, hoovers, and Ed K screaming "LIAR!" are different. I have no idea why)

So anyway, if I were to go join in the festivities on Christmas Eve, there would be singing. Loud, man-voice singing. And I'd do what I normally do in any loud environment. I'd wear earplugs.

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Speaking of raising the roof, WDC is bombing SubNine on Saturday. Now there's a kind of cheer-spreading that I can do. *hands you a glowstick*

(i may be looking to get my Gurn of the Month shot)

In other news, I am now beating my bus-time by around 10 minutes by skating, and saving myself $20 a week. Rock!

Oh yeah, I dreamed about cows. I bought some, in a variety of shapes and sizes. And a little Morrie truck. *likes cows and morrie trucks*