December 11th, 2007


Yeah, I found God and he was absolutely nothing like me

Yesterday went pretty well.

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Speaking of the Christmas thing. I've never really -felt- Christmas - at least, not since I was a kid and had a huge holiday to look forward to, and presents and Christmas TV and not actually having to do anything towards creating the mood except get excited. I find it difficult to get into the festive spirit, mainly I think because with a small family of non-traditionalists there isn't the huge family gathering, the stuff-yourself-to-explosion-point* or the squillions of kids running round getting infectiously excited. Also, the world is geared towards a midwinter Christmas, which lends itself much better to the above. Here, it's midsummer (in fact the solstice is a few days before Christmas Day), and the inclination is to be outside, going places and doing things. Lots of people go away for the holidays, instead of staying home and gathering.

This year, I'm trying really hard to get in the mood. One of the things I'm thinking of doing is going to Midnight Mass.

*cue gasps of shock and horror*

Why on earth would you do that, Tats? Well, I don't rightly know. I haven't been to a church service that wasn't a wedding or funeral since I was four. I remember that well. The men started singing all fervent-like, and I freaked out at the louddeepgrowliness, and started crying. So they gave me some shells and told me Jesus loved me, and sent me home and I never went back.

So, um, can someone tell me what goes on at these things, and whether it's really appropriate - or even if it's likely to Do The Job in terms of festive feelings?

Or, suggest something else I can do to get the excitement going? Can't make Carols by Candlelight, as I'm having a sausage feast with my Mum that night, followed by spreading my own brand of good cheer among the shiny lights of SubNine.

* In my family, we believe that if we're having a holiday, that includes the people who cook, so consequently the Christmas dinner is a team effort, and is the easiest thing we can think of to make. Usually it's eggs, beans and chips. Followed by lots of ice cream. Eating roast in 25 degree heat just doesn't appeal anyway.