December 7th, 2007


Please to be brushing your teeth before getting on the bus, mmk?

Skating home last night with a tail wind = FTW! I got half way up Ngaio Gorge with little to no effort. If I'd had a big coat I could have made it all the way I reckon. Sailing on the wind on skates is fun!

This morning, though, I took the bus, not wanting to have to carry my skates for all the things I need to do after work tonight. As soon as I got on the bus, I was hit with the miasma of humanity.

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An hour's bouldering last night has revealed muscles in my abdomen that aren't worked by skating or hooping. I don't know what they're called, but they're the ones that run from the back round to the front in the waist/hip area. Oddly, my arms and hands are fine, even though they were pumped when I finished. Also, Rhiannon = gutsy. I'm planning to make it a more-or-less weekly thing, on a Thursday if possible. Anyone who wants to join in is most welcome.

I counted no less than 8 collectors for the Homes of Compassion on my way to work today. One of them even tried to get on the bus to accost people. It was enough to make me not want to give them money.

Fidels tonight. See you there!

Curmudgeonliest of curmudgeons

I have deactivated my Facebook account.

I am wondering where the option to delete it is. No, I am not worried about the CIA, FBI, DDI, STI, OCD, Xenu or the JWs getting to me. I am just not using it, and I find the emails telling me something interesting has happened, only to discover I've been bitten by yet another vampirezombieninjakitten and do I want to pass it on, kind of irritating.

The only redeeming feature I can think of is the Scrabble, which would be good if I ever actually used it. But, I don't.

I'd like to delete the account because it's still up there, which means people can still message me and whatnot, but I won't get the emails because I turned them off, so I'm not snobbing you, mmk? I'm just sticking my fingers in my emailears and going "Lalalallaaa!"

Anyone know how to make it go away altogether?