December 6th, 2007



Last Saturday I helped Charlotte put all her stuff into storage. Charlotte has a lot of stuff. She's a collector, with a fixation on things from the 50s and 60s (example being her '63 Singer Vogue which she's restored, reconditioned and maintained herself as long as I've known her). Anyway, she's off to Matamata (where there are, apparently, no traffic lights and you have off-street parking), and leaving her stuff in storage. And for helping her with her vast quantities of 1950s style HEAVY couches, dressers and vinyl records, she gave me a couple of Gold Lounge passes to Reading that she wasn't going to use. We went to see Eastern Promises.

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Me: I think I'll take Tommy to see The Golden Compass in the holidays.
Grist: So what's that about then?
Me: Uh... CGI?

Yeah, I know. I am grossly undereducated. I have no idea what this movie is about either. I didn't read it as a kid (I may have been busy fantasising about turning myself into a rabbit and saving the world at the time - damn you Richard Adams).

Also: I have it bad. In so many ways. It's delicious.