December 5th, 2007


Woe is me there is no place for me on this pavement wah

This morning, it seemed as if every man and his SUV were out to run me over, step suddenly out in front of me, or sneak up behind me on their bike and scare the hell out of me.

Being on skates puts you in an interesting no-place, pavement real estate wise. You have wheels, so you're not a pedestrian and the pavement is the domain of those on wheel-less foot. You're obviously not a motorised vehicle, so the road is suicide. And you get overtaken by irate cyclists who don't like the way you dodge the cracks in the pavement just as they are about to pass, making them wobble and cuss, when you're in the cycle lane.

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So, what do you think of our new Russian Overlords? Think it'll be better? Worse? Not sure how I feel about the 'Adult Content' filtering thing. I tend towards feeling that I shouldn't have to censor myself to stop other people's kids from reading my stuff. You can call me socially irresponsible if you like, but my Mum was reading me Stephen King novels when I was 8, which had swearing, sex, drug use, murder, angst, evil government plots, laundry folding machines coming to life and eating people, and vengeful telekinetics blowing up their high school prom. That's probably socially irresponsible too. Only, um... well.. surprisingly, I haven't grown up to be an axe murderer, psychotic stalker, rapist, government dissident ... oh hang on, scratch that last one. Yeah.

I think for myself. I think if I'd been sheltered from topics such as the things I write about when I was a kid, I'd have less information on which to base that thinking. Also, any perversions* I might have, are not discussed here. Therefore - No Adult Content. If you don't like the idea that your kids might read my blog, don't let them. This may involve you being more involved in what your kid is doing than you are now. But I won't censor myself to fit your parenting style. Got a problem with that? Complain to lj.

*Where perversion is such a subjective term that I bet everybody has at least one thing that someone else thinks is perverted. And that's kind of my point.