December 4th, 2007


Apologies for the "Please think" instead of "Here, have some entertainment."

Thank you to everyone who gave an opinion yesterday. To summarise, it was roughly a 50/50 split between those who thought that addiction and 'going nuts with drugs' are an intrinsic trait in people, and that these kind of people are probably already doing dangerous things to themselves, and those who thought that yes, if prohibition ended, there would be more people doing drugs and therefore more harm.

This, of course, is all operating under the assumption that there are only two choices - total prohibition, or being able to buy your heroin at the corner dairy. A couple of people mentioned this. So, instead of leaving you all in peace, naturally I have another question. I promise, after this I'll take it all back to tenchinage. I'm using this blog because I want lots of ideas, and challenge to my own ideas - and I have a huge brainy resource to consult here, not all of whom agree with my thoughts.

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Again, I won't argue with anyone, because I'm still trying to gauge breadth of opinion. And tomorrow, it'll be back to business as usual. *nods*

I seem to have developed an overnight crush on Ed Kowalczyk. I've had a crush on his voice since about 1992, but with the advent of YouTube, well... *teenage giggle*

Warm bodies, I sense
are not machines that can only make money
Past, perfect, tense -
words for a feeling and all I've discovered
I'll be along son with medicine supposed to,
designed to make you high
I'll be along son
with words for a feeling and all I've discovered