November 30th, 2007


Being a junkie = total freedom?

Last night we watched Sid and Nancy. Now, I was too young to catch much of the punk era, and I didn't know much about the Sex Pistols except their more famous tracks and that Sid liked to gob on people from stage, was a crap bassist and a junkie, and that he killed his girlfriend. So I went into this movie pretty blind.

Incidentally, xhile, I checked and Gary Oldman is from London, and Chloe Webb is from New York but was given voice training in Boston, which would explain the 'sounds like a pom trying to sound like a New Yorker' thing.

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So now, after that wee thought, I have a question. If I study social policy in depth, will I slowly go insane and end up running round the bush with Tame Iti?