November 29th, 2007


The Seinfeld of blog posts

On a day when I have nothing much on my mind that's worthy of a blog post, I find myself fidgeting with the need to write something. It's odd. I've been blogging since 16th of November, 2003, and after a fairly slow start, habitually post pretty much daily. I normally post in the morning, and it's become something of a ritual to sit down and write something.

Consequently, I seem to have developed that discipline that writers strive for, in that if I don't have anything to write about, I still feel the need to write. You know that thing where they say that if you just start writing without worrying too much about what comes out, eventually you'll have something worth keeping? Well after four years of daily blogging, I can say that while the quality of my writing is debatable, the regular, reliable quantity is pretty consistent.

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Today, I am trawling the Standards Australia website (which is a horrendous shade of Aussie Rugby Team Probably Trademarked Bright Eye Gouging Yellow), and deciphering incomprehensible spreadsheets which have also been vomited on by Rainbow Brite.

Save meeeee!

Also, I think my hair is plotting to take over a small country.