November 26th, 2007


Interesting Hair Day

This person turned up on the nz_photo community this morning, as part of a series about the Auckland CBD Christmas parade. She looks very familiar, but due to makeup and costume, I can't quite pin it. tieke, is it you? Also, that does not look like suffering for your art. Just saying.

Today I skated to work carrying my hoop. If you want people to start talking to you randomly while waiting at traffic lights, this is a great way to do it. Where random chit chat equals "Do you do them both at once?" Hehe, something to work on maybe?

Going to bed with wet hair makes for interesting 'hair art' in the morning - mostly of the OMGHEATEDROLLERSWENTOUTWITHTHEARK variety. Enter the wee pot of sticky goop to tame it, which was effective till I started skating. Now I am pioneering the Windswept Bed Hair look.

My enthusiasm for KB has been rekindled by a much needed weekend away at the site, mostly grubbing thistles but also running round doing burnery stuff and dodging cow(steer)pats and envisioning random art and strobes in trees and The Pinkness That Will Be. My mission was to wear myself out and it was successful. Also, it was neat to hang out with the Auckland burners. It's been far too long and I think we need more get-togethers through the year.

And van sans sub is inferior.