November 22nd, 2007


Bored with dressing normal

This morning, I had to resist the urge to dress in my pink stripey fun fur minidress and cat ears for work. Instead, I'm wearing a (staid by comparison) hot pink and black checked pencil skirt, long boots with four inch heels, and a fitted black top that makes me look all secretary-like.

I'm wearing the fun fur on the inside though.

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See? Told you it was important.

In other news of worldwide importance, I decided my plan of attack on studying next year, with the help of the lovely Colin from Vic. The first thing will be Social Policy. That'll be where I find out what social policy actually means. I have been sensible and only gone for one paper with a total of three hours' contact time a week.

*chalks up the sensible over enthusiasticness*

Also, I admit responsibility for the proliferation of the 'one word' meme. *hides*