November 20th, 2007


Please quantify the complexity of your job. You have 5 minutes starting now.

Last week I got sent off on a training session for 'job sizing.' My job is unusual in that when you google my job title nothing comes up, it takes me 10 minutes on average to explain to people what I do and even then they don't always understand, and none of the people involved in the main business of the company really know what I'm up to most of the time. Because of this, when the company engaged a consultancy firm to 'benchmark' salaries, the firm couldn't benchmark mine (or those of a few other geeks).

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I have an appointment tomorrow to talk with university types about such exciting things as course planning, cross crediting, and why it isn't wise to do all the (approximately 25) 100 level papers that take my fancy.

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What, aren't you into perving at men with their flies down, weird looking guys in armchairs and jumping round like a toddler while pretending to be a robot?