November 18th, 2007



Hands up who didn't get outside for a while this weekend. Why the hell not? It seemed to me that everyone in Wellington was either in the Botanic Gardens or on Oriental Parade today. I like that about Wellington.

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And now I feel pleasantly tired, my sawing and carrying muscles have that hurt-that-doesn't-hurt from being used that I always find so pleasant, I can tell I've spent some time outside, I have ice cream and a good book, and all is well with the world.

More weekends should be summery. I wore summer dresses! And didn't freeze. I like it like that. Will I jinx it if I say "Wow this is how it's supposed to be in November"?? I don't care. It makes me happy that for the first time in four years we seem to be avoiding it being winter right up till Christmas.