November 16th, 2007

going native

And you thought BZP made people do strange things...

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I have been reading Foucault. He makes my head go splodey. I wonder if making my head go splodey on a regular basis will induce 'mental fitness' or will it induce OOS of the brain? I seriously believe that if you can damage your brain with overuse of certain chemicals, and if the brain operates based on chemical balances, with different ones being released according to what you're doing with it at the time, then the kind of mental gymnastics involved in reading Foucault could definitely cause brain damage. Either that or I'll end up with a brain that resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cos that'd be sexy, yeah.

Also - still with the stonking basslines, now it's various Nine Inch Nails remixes. I do so love the way they throw their music out for remixing by all and sundry. There's loads of same-old out there, but every now and then you get a real gem - like the Ephexis remix of Bite The Hand That Feeds. Eargasm!