November 14th, 2007


Will I never learn? Or, please tell me this is no more real than my world!

I hate it when my protective little bubble of smart people gets burst and I get confronted with Mainstream Public Opinion. "Oh noes!" I hear you say. "Tats is going to rant about drugs again!" Well, no. I guess you could call it similar, but nope, not drugs this time. It was...

Reading the Opinion section of the Herald website. This link goes to opinion on Californication, which I went and looked at after reading this post from richdrich.

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I haven't even watched the show, and really couldn't care less whether I ever get a chance to - but I find reading these opinions of it scary, as it gives me a stark view into the minds of people who think really differently from me - and there are a lot of them. And the scary part is that the whole concept of sitting on your couch watching TV with your kids is about Family *cue heavenly trumpets* We all know Family is more important than everything else. If you have kids, you're Doing The Right Thing. You are Deontologically Correct (*points left* see, bowdlerizer? *squee*), and thus by sheer weight of numbers, you will be heard more loudly than the childless. The people watching TV with their kids have kids. This implies that there will be more of these people in future.

The human race may very well be doomed.