November 13th, 2007


And my word for today is Misanthropy

One of my colleague clears her throat a lot. "Hrrm hrrm" about every 5-10 minutes. I have offered to bring in my drench gun and give her a dose for lungworm but for some reason she's not keen. Anyway, when she clears her throat, the first 'hrrm' is a normal one, but the second one is high-pitched and lilting - as if she were saying "wheee" but with "hrrm" in place of the word. "Hrrm hHRRRMmm" - over and over again, every ten minutes, all day every day.

I am not feeling the compassion that a more evolved person might feel.

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Mostly I think I'm just generally cranky, and would be best served by staying in my room and reading books for the next few days. It seems to be going round at the moment.

In Ooh Gosh Aren't I Awesome news, I taught our hoop instructor a trick last night. Colour me surprised and rather pleased with myself. She has taught me about 15 tricks. ;-)

Some time in the next 2 days I'll talk to work about study.

Reasons I love my brother No 684

Me (needing to get his bank account number to set up rent automatic payment):

"I am nigerian royalty and please to be giving me all your detials so I can transfer to you large sums of Capital for Investment Purposes on your person! "

Him (in reply):

"Thank you for your correspondence. I am very interested in taking you up on this enticing offer. However, as you can understand, I need to verify the veracity of your claims. In order to proove your good faith, can you please send to me as soon as possible a picture of yourself dressed in your royal finery while standing in a shrubbery clutching a haddock. I look forward to doing business with you."