November 12th, 2007


I have much to think about

Studying. Yes, the season has arrived again, that being the season when Tats contemplates being the first in her family to have a degree. Not that I give a rat's arse for pieces of paper - however, I have found a passion that has multiple facets of potentially fascinating study, in a field where I think I could make a difference.

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Who wants to weigh in on the "Tell Tats What To Do" thread? I can enrol for the semester starting Feb 2008 if I want. At $500-$700 a paper, it's not prohibitive cost wise - I could do that without going into debt. But I need to decide soon, and get backing from my employer if I go ahead.

Anyone have words of wisdom?

Did you know

The amount of water on earth would fill approximately 394 trillion Olympic swimming pools?

(those who invented the evolution drinking game take note)

I like the Discovery channel and its visualisations. Because, you know, I can visualise 394 trillion swimming pools, no problem. Right alongside those 294,000 submarines..

While I'm at it, why do people say 'cover off' instead of just 'cover'?? "We have to make sure we cover off everything in this meeting."

To me, cover off is what you do with your horse on sunny warm mornings, and it makes no sense in business meetings.

Just saying.