November 9th, 2007


I'm.... lost for words... almost.

I stumbled across this yesterday, after googling "What is Satan doing" in response to an expression of disappointment from beagl that my photo of the "BETTER DO DRUGS" wristband didn't contain a satanic message.

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And in completely unrelated news:

"Cutest girls will go horny and wild when you pull out your new big python"

No doubt women adore huge rods.
If you still cannot pride yourself upon having a big one,
this wonderful medicine will quickly improve it.

Just trust its magical power and prepare yourself for
amazing changes in your life with MegaDik!

Check out our offer and make sure you shall become a true sexual giant!

I'm not sure 'horny and wild' would be the first thing I'd experience if someone randomly 'pulled out their python' and started waving it around. And yes, I do like my huge rod. It's 12 feet long, fibreglass and in two pieces. It's brilliant for rock fishing, but I actually have more fun with the smaller rod I use for spinning. Thanks for caring.

And.. MegaDik? *splutter*

Just saying.

And remember folks, our thought for today is "Watch out for those Sweden-oriented teachers!"