November 5th, 2007


Trackies schmackies, pjs are where it's at.

In some kind of new record, I managed to get through the entirety of yesterday without getting out of my pyjamas. This was mostly because I got up at 1pm after 14 hours' sleep and some dreams that were realistic enough so that I had to ask if I'd actually got up in the night and turned all the lights and the stereo on.

The result of all this pyjama-wearing is that today I am wearing my new dress which I finally finished yesterday evening, just in time for the arrival of food and company for the evening. And I managed not to run out of enthusiasm and cut corners on the last bit -so the finishing is actually finished and there are no frayed bits, dangly threads or she'll be right bits. I feel as though I should stick a label in it to finish off the professional look.

Consequently, today I am looking very summery, and naturally the grey overcastness of the sky makes no difference to this. It's summer, damnit, because I want to wear my dress. So nyah.

Also, I finally got a Nigeria spam! Only it's a Liberia one instead. I got as far as "I know this proposal letter might be a pleasant suprised to you as we don't know ourselves before." before my reading comprehension skills exploded.

I do like being called a 'trust worthy foreign personality' though. I've been called much worse.