November 4th, 2007



Since when did it start to be ok to rag on what kind of body shape people are attracted to? As a 'skinny girl' (I guess I'm supposed to say something here like "We prefer to be called Persons of Unsize, or maybe Metabolically Challenged) - anyway, as a skinny girl, I take exception to the implication that someone who is attracted to me doesn't have the stones to take on someone bigger.

Fat girls are sexy. Curvy girls are sexy. Muscly girls are sexy. Skinny girls are sexy. Girls both with and without tummies/breast/hips/sixpacks/long hair/thighs/ are sexy, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE GIRLS, depending on who's looking at them. We established that as part of the body shape experiment back in July. And it was actually just a little bit painful for me to hear the people who don't find thin to be that attractive, reading those comments about needing a sandwich and being unfeminine and such.

Anyway. I understand I'm being unrealistic expecting people to stop being mean to each other just because I think they should. And I also get that normally this kind of meanness goes the other way. But that does not justify continuing it.

I mostly think that perhaps I'm not over being angsty from yesterday, and am looking for something to be GRRR about. Which is why I'm saying this here instead of having a go at the poor unsuspecting person whose icon this is.

I think they call that partial maturity. ;-p