October 31st, 2007

going native

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This morning, Lambton Quay looked like a bomb struck it.

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Note to self: Do not forget to take Mum to the hospital. She sees her surgeon today for the results of the last lot of tests. We have no idea what he's going to say, but the indication from the lack of urgency is that it's not too serious. *crosses fingers*

Meanwhile, work on Kiwiburn is starting to ramp up. All that exciting stuff like applying for exemptions and permits and insurance, and jumping through legal hoops. But, it's still quite cool because it's progress. Anyone who's doing art or a theme camp who reads this, I'm encouraging you to register your creation as soon as possible. Village planning is underway, and if you're registered you get priority for the good spots.

At my monthly weigh in this morning, I'd lost 2 kilos. Just how much fruit does one have to eat to maintain condition?

Oh yeah, just remembered. There's a meme. Comment and I'll pick 7 of your icons, and you get to explain what they are and what you use them for. Repost or not as you like. I'll do the first 7 people that ask.