October 28th, 2007


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This post, and the ensuing discussion about Tiesto and the whole 'superstar DJ' wankery -

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OK. One of these things is not like the others *sings* .. that's because nasturtiums may very well be one of my favourite plants. They will grow anywhere - even our shady orrible cliff face of a noxious weed infested garden. They look pretty and exotic and lush, they have bright flowers for months, they self seed with no work, and you can eat them.

I am admiring of nasturtiums today.

If you happen to visit rivet, have a sneaky look off her courtyard down into the garden to the south. They have the biggest nasturtiums I have ever seen. Like, you could eat your dinner off them big. I suspect genetic experiments.

Also, yesterday I did not intend to start a huge discussion on the relative merits of organic, the use of petrochemicals in fertiliser, or which fair trade organisations are above board and which aren't. I just wanted to celebrate something organic being cheap enough for me to afford. But I'm not sorry that it went that way, I've learned a lot. I love that my friends are educated people with opinions that vary so that I get lots of info from which to make my own thoughts. Thank you all.

And yes, there has been talking. *happy*