October 11th, 2007


If it were NZ it'd be called 'Stoned, Shy and Angsty.'

Last night we watched Dazed and Confused. Americans - is that really an accurate representation of American teenage culture in the 70s? Do girls really subject themselves to such degradation from older girls in order to achieve some form of social acceptance when they go to high school? Do older boys really chase younger ones around hitting them with sticks as some form of initiation? And is letterbox smashing a common pastime?

I was kind of shocked at the differences in culture. Mind you, thinking about the possibility of such a movie being made about New Zealand teenagers, it'd probably have about half the dialogue and a lot more shots of boys on one side, girls on the other, looking at each other and afraid to move. Also, people don't carry guns here.

Good things - there were smart people in the movie, they really were smart people, and they weren't portrayed as nerdy rejects. In fact the dialogue between the smart people was my favourite bit.

Also - were there no fat people in America in the 70s? The only person even slightly overweight was the Father Guy Who Was Wearing Jez's Shirt. And one token black guy. And I didn't recognise Ben Affleck until the credits rolled.

I've heard that this movie is some kind of classic representation of American culture in the 70s. Is it?

In other news, I figured out my costume for the fetish ball. Now I just have to give it a test run to see if it'll hold together for an evening of dancing and frolicking. I think it will. Total cost? Around $2.


Oh, and my spam-doppelganger got more mail! It was entitled "Your broad member Ida" and contained the text "My conspicuous erectile organ Arline."

Who are these people and what are they doing making their erectile organs conspicuous? And why do they think that'll make me want to buy their product?