October 9th, 2007


Losing sleep for a good cause

The other day I wrote about the creative process. I now have an addendum to this - the creative process varies not only between people, but between projects. *gasp* I know! Momentous!

On Sunday I made a dress. The most creative part of this was seeing the fabric (which was intended for pyjamas), imagining what it'd look like sewed a certain way, finding a pattern that produced the style I wanted, and using my sewing skills to put it together. It was kind of a practice run, because nowadays, working with woven cotton instead of knitted fun fur, I'm extending myself a little and putting effort into finishing all internal seams, to make my things look 'like a bought one.'

Anyway, I finished that on Sunday night, and wore it yesterday. And here's where the creative process changed. The other fabric I bought on Sunday was some stuff I really fell in love with. It's kind of floaty and romantic and embroidered. And see through. It lends itself to a dress with a flarey, tiered skirt and fitted bodice with a wide neckline and slightly dropped waist. I don't have a pattern for this. So I took a basic bodice pattern that I like, fiddled around with it, added the skirt part from another pattern I like, fiddled with that, added an underskirt, and lined it (The lining came completely out of my head - I've never done it before and don't have any handy tips. I just made a copy of the outside, sewed it inside out, allowed for the fact that it needs to be slightly smaller, and attached in cunning places to the main fabric. Go me!). And finished all the seams. It takes two to three times as long to make something when you're finishing the seams, but it looks so much better.

So anyway, I stopped at 11pm, with the bodice almost finished, because I was making mistakes and was stuck on the armholes - I couldn't seem to fold the fabric over and finish the seam without creating that wrinkly, ugly, stretched-out-of shape look. Oh well, I thought, I'll sleep on it. And I woke up at 6am this morning with an idea, all planned out, fully formed and I just know it'll work. And now I feel as if work is getting in the way of my creative process. But part of being creative and not starving in a garret means being patient. It's not going anywhere, and now I have the idea, I can use it for lots of things. Win!

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In other momentous news, I have eaten breakfast every day for a week. Just a banana, but food nonetheless. And yes, it's changing my entire eating pattern. I seem to be living on fruit and fish at the moment. After a week of this, I can say with conviction that I feel more energetic, and have more motivation. I'd still rather sleep in in the mornings, but I generally feel livelier. It remains to be seen if I can maintain my current weight eating like this. But at least I know I have ice cream as a backstop if I start to slide.

And coffee. Coffee is a food! Nyah!