October 6th, 2007


Shiny things don't have to be electric!

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I also got to hang out with two lovely ladies in the sun, castrate some lambs, do a girly trip to Lush (which smells like food), buy some dye for the 20 pillowcases my Mum just got given, have fabricgasms in Arthur Toye (I may have spent some of my pocket money - just a little like), roll around on someone else's bed, and wander around in the botanic gardens.

Today has been a nice, relaxing Saturday. I haven't had one for a while and it's nice. Tomorrow I will be having lunch at the Dowse before visiting the King Kong exhibition with xhile. I hear it's really good, and I'm looking forward to it.

Sorry Rhi, I won't be there tonight. I'm feeling a bit peopled out, and I figure you of all people will understand that. Many hugs have been wished on you. Have a tequila and orange for me, mmk?