October 5th, 2007


I guess they are called interests for a reason eh?

blur_kiwi has the best memes! This one requires you to comment, and the poster will list seven of the interests from your userinfo page, and you have to explain them. Then repost in your journal blah blah etc you know the drill.

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In other news, MikeE linked to this article, about bringing the drugs debate into the true light of day, and getting mature about the discussion. I find it ties in with my views on the subject quite closely.

Yay Friday! Usual Fidels stuff tonight, sans Tom Cosm because he is in Melbourne *squees at wildilocks*, followed by fire since it's not howling a southerly gale and snowing today. Have a good day, people.

Because I'm the biggest exhibitionist! Mememememeeee!!!

This video was taken at Nitrate. Yes, that's right!

1. Unlike most YouTubes that get posted on here, this one actually has yours truly in it!
2. ferrouswheel! I have managed to upload to YouTube! I don't know why getting a new power supply fixed my YouTube issues, but it seems to be so.
3. I was actually dancing to happy hardcore, but I would not inflict that on my friends, so I dubbed some of Tom Cosm's Feral Frameshift in over the top.
4. If you look closely, richdrich, you can see the effect of 11 fibreoptic hairpieces rotating through the spectrum in my hair.

I am an incorrigible showoff. I know. I wouldn't have it any other way.