September 30th, 2007


So um

WP went till, er.. 7am (that's old time). We actually got shut down at 5am because there was water pouring down the bathroom walls and creeping out onto the dancefloor at Curve. Which was... interesting. But there was an after-blob!

Random thoughts: Tom Cosm is teeny tiny and lovely and on his way to Australia to play in Sydney tonight. Helix got compliments from a couple of hardcore drum n bass chicks. No mean feat when you're playing not-dnb. Why is Salad Fingers following me around? I hate it when the red water comes out, mmmk? t_c_da impressed me with his stamina, especially considering that to him, electronica is "just noise". He stuck it out till 3am. Why the hell does everyone want to get in free to a party that's obviously cost money to put on? Saying you know the dj then not being able to tell me his name? Not so smart.

And wtf happened to Weasley Bikini?

And now we have to go and pull everything apart.

Photos later. Oh, also? I've won the Spanish Lottery now too. 550,000 euros. I am loaded. Please come to me for a loan. Or, maybe I should throw a party to celebrate.