September 28th, 2007


Subtle? Me? Nah.

Lat night I fell asleep with the light on. It was.. illuminating. It did mean that groping for the alarm this morning was a bit easier, but for some reason I feel weird about being exposed in light while I'm asleep.

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So anyway, I woke up this morning to the sun shining, and sprang outside with vim and vigour in my bare feet, only to discover that there'd been a frost. Hehe, dressing gown dance of dooom! The sun came out about the same time the lads landed from Christchurch. Nice.

So, I'll be at Fidels this afternoon, after collecting dry ice from Petone. I expect to get there about 4:30. Tom said he'd probably call in for a bit, and might be looking for some entertainment this evening, so if anyone has fun plans and would like to include a random awesomely talented and good company type musician from Christchurch in them, that would be awesome.

One more sleep!