September 27th, 2007


Email - love it or hate it, it's entertainment

This week seems to be the week of entertaining email. At work, I'm getting stock market tips and warning that someone's trying to steal the $7,775,889 (wtf?) that I'm in the middle of transferring to my American Bank Account. Particularly choice wording from this is:

"We wait to receive your prompt respond before embarking on the purported diplomatic process of shipment to the new beneficiary."

Gotta love those prompt responds! Anyway..

(and yes, the odd thing does get through work's spam filters. not sure how or why but it entertains me)

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You know the show Man vs Wild? I quite like it. Mostly because the presenter is kind of hot and I get to watch him eat bugs. But, apparently it's actually Man vs Hotel Room. We did wonder how the cameraman knew to be on the spot the minute he emerged from his snow cave...

In other news, dinner last night was excellent and hanging out with beagl and kimeros was just what the doctor ordered. They are really cool people, and I hope Auckland makes the most of them over the summer because we want to steal them back as soon as possible, y'hear?

Also - 2 more sleeps!