September 26th, 2007


Vibration isn't always a good thing

There are people installing locks on the doors in our office. To do this they are using a router. If you can imagine yourself locked in an echoey room with Lamb of God practicing a new track they haven't quite worked out yet, that employs the novel use of a blender with nails in it as a musical instrument, you'll have some idea what it sounds like in here. I have my headphones on, listening to goa, but 140bpm sub-bass is not covering the noise that's trying to prove left/right brain theory once and for all by splitting my hemispheres and shooting them out their respective ears.

I am updating Concrete Construction under these conditions. All I can say is, it might be wise to avoid being 10 stories up in any concrete buildings made after next year. Just saying.

Why do we need locks on the doors anyway? Yeah, I know, don't answer that.

Mum goes into hospital again tomorrow, this time in Auckland. It's only a short and fairly simple procedure, and should give us an answer once and for all as to what this thing is that's growing inside her. She flies up tomorrow and back Friday, and drop off/pick up at the airport is my contribution. Tomorrow I also collect itinerant djs off aeroplanes at a different time of day. I think my car knows its way to the airport by now, so I might use this opportunity to catch up on sleep.

I want to be fresh and chirpy for Weird Pscience. Well, alert and sociable, anyway.. *yawns*

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*slaps thigh*


*gasp, draw breath*




(thanks, i needed that)