September 22nd, 2007


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Last night allyn and I slarted spooge around copiously, in front of hundreds of people.

Spooge is our pet name for wallpaper paste. What were you thinking, hmm? C'mon, it looks just like it - and has the same effect when you get it in your hair.

OK, shutting up about that now.

Anyway, we finished painting the town with blue pictures of Tesla, and I was just waiting for my bus home when I had a better offer. I haven't seen pagurus for ages and so the next few hours were spent in the happy and unrepeatable-because-nobody-would-get-it kind of conversation that you can only have with pagurus. Him and Tanya are coming to WP! Yay!

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So instead of chasing sheep, today I shall sew and be creative. Because I can. And I might dance tonight, also because I can.

*reaches for the lasers*