September 20th, 2007


*clunk clunk HOOVERS clunk clunk*

If you like psy or goa trance, go have a look at this community.

*bops in chair*

OMG hoovers! Just saying. *tunegasm*

I have always wondered why women's shoes make lots of noise and men's generally don't. I feel like a horse clunking down the pavement in my ankle boots (they are one of my loudest pairs). I still haven't figured out why the difference, but this morning I realised how useful it is. I walk faster than most people, generally.

Small aside here - I am capable of strolling, but strolling in parks and new places, as opposed to down Lambton Quay on my way to work.

Anyway, yeah, faster. And having noisy shoes walking fast through a crowd means people hear me coming up behind them, and they can move out of the way. Nice.

In other news, KB prep continues apace. The last six months has been mostly boring, behind the scenes, preparation-of-ground stuff, but now things are starting to move into the 'planting' stage, and it's getting exciting again. Sometimes it's easy to lose track of why you're doing something, especially when it seems it's all details details thankless work admin and no creativity. But now, Things are beginning to Happen. And I'm excited about it. I can almost taste the mosquitoes and absinthe-flavoured coffee cups...
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