September 19th, 2007


Wednesday's Waffle from Wendy

Yesterday I announced my achievement for the last year as being the gain of 6kg. For those of you who work in imperial, that's roughly 13 and a half pounds. I tend to think of weight in terms of pounds of butter:

(incidentally, this is not NZ butter. NZ butter is, well.. butter yellow)

So I'm now walking round with 13 and a half of those strapped round my waist, right? But I haven't changed size all that much at all. Odd. So what's up?

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And now I am listening to JetPilot's Canaan Downs Promo Mix. I like it. You should go listen.

And while I'm at it, have a look at this: OMNOMNOMNOM. It cracked me up. Thanks, wildilocks!

Public Service Announcement

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Two words:


I don't believe in deity, astrology, crystal healing, alien dolphin overlords or the rapture. I believe that there's a natural explanation for pretty much everything, and that one day science will explain how magic works, when the measurement tools are developed that can do it.

Yet, I can't explain the Equinox Factor in any logical or rational way. What I can say is that over the last however many years I've been observing people, I have observed that around the time when the day length gets close to being equal to the night length, people become more angsty and restless and don't sleep as well. I will spare you the list of people I know who are currently changing jobs, moving house, breaking up, getting together with someone, are thinking about overseas travel, or are just feeling inexplicably restless, angsty and tired. It's a Thing. It happens twice a year, more noticeably in spring, but also in autumn.

The good news is, the equinox is on the 23rd and after that things ought to settle down a bit. So just hang in there folks, things'll chill out soon, mmk?

Also, this consistently settled and warm weather is starting to creep me out. It's September, it's supposed to be stormy and wet and horrible. Where's my flippin storms, huh? It's.. weird. *shudder*