September 18th, 2007


Tuesday is WTF day

Some of you might remember this: Jacqui Dean tries to ban water.

"What are you posting that for, Tats?" I hear you say. "That's last week's news." Well yes, I know. And yeah, it's dead funny in that 'politician made a fool of' kind of way. But this particular politician is one who's been very vocal in the BZP debate, unsurprisingly on the side of banning it. Yes, folks, the person who's putting herself forward as somewhat of an authority on the subject of BZP was quite happy to back a ban on a chemical substance WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE AT ALL OF WHAT IT IS.

She laughed it off, admitting she'd been taken in. I think this is no laughing matter.

On the flip side of that, I am hoping that a whole bunch of smart people, some of them politicians, will look at Jacqui Dean and think "There's someone who's willing to back a ban on a chemical substance with no knowledge of what it is. Can we trust her opinion on any other chemical substance, since clearly the banning is where it's at for her?"

Anyway, I subscribe to a feed of the blog of the guy that pulled this stunt, and today he's posted a link on how to make a submission, for those who are interested in having their say. Submissions are being called for now. A quote from his blog: "Making a submission is not difficult - it can be as simple as writing a letter saying "I support/oppose the bill" and giving reasons why."

I'm doing it. Anyone else?

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And finally, in worthy of celebration news, I weighed myself this morning. I now weigh 58kg. I've finally got back to the size I want to be. It's taken me just over a year to gain 6kg. Now I can stop stuffing my face with ice cream at every opportunity.

But do I want to?

Oh, and I left my cellphone at home today, so if you're trying to text me, I'm not being rude, just forgetful. ;-)