September 15th, 2007


The Verdicts in Bullet Points , without the actual Bullet Points

Really really good steak, thanks kimeros for the creme brulee recommendation also. The steak came with chips, so I had steak and chips french style, which was all good by me. The sauce made it. The meals don't come with vegetables, which I always find weird - having to order your greens as a side is just.. odd. Service was friendly and incredibly fast. It was a bit pricey (by my standards, $50 for a meal without drinks is a lot).

I am always suspicious of a restaurant that has three and a half pages of alcoholic drinks available and at the bottom of the last page, a small piece of fine print - "Non-alcoholic beverages are available on request." To my somewhat cynical and jaundiced eye, this speaks of how alcohol is not only accepted but encouraged, and teetotalling is seen as some kind of aberration. YES! I felt excluded! But that was because I'm deliberately oversensitive about it! Heh. And I asked for pineapple juice and they had it so yay!

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Right, now I have to go cut the tails off some lambs, because the owner can't bring herself to do it. I wonder if she could bring herself to treat flystrike...

Things to make a Tats happy

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And now there should be a richdrich banging on the door at any moment, and we're going to go hang out in xhile's lounge, which really means I'm going to get 2 djs playing tunes for me for the evening while I sit about looking decorative and enjoy the company and some tall tales of Burning Man.

Yay for weekends of normality. *happy*