September 13th, 2007


The first thing

That I am going to do when I get home, is dye my hair.

I am tempted to bleach the whole lot out white and put my patches of colour in over white, to see what happens.

Good idea? Bad idea?

(yes i know i shouldn't put napalm orange and atomic pink in the same do, but i'm tempted anyway. although orange and purple may work better. hmm)

Today, there will be planting of shrubbery and a pathetic attempt to work. Working from home when acting as caregiver for your Mum = exercise in futility. I've achieved about 1/5 what I would at work. A lot of this is to do with not having easy access to hard copies of stuff. The laptop screen is small and I can't spread my work out for easy comparison, so it takes me twice as long flicking back and forth between screens, to do my comparisons, and I'm not as sure of the result. I guess I'd get used to it but if I were to work from home permanently (an ambition of mine), I'd probably set myself up with two, maybe three screens.

I would also want to be in a house where nobody else is, where dogs don't need to go to vets, where washing is already done, and where mid afternoon trips to the garden centre are not expected. Hmm.

Also, I want to sew. I have Inspirations! They are Shiny! Naturally. And my art project for Kiwiburn is taking shape on paper as well as in my head. Anyone know where I can lay my hands on about half a dozen sheets of metal (steel or some similar magnetic material) about the size of a fridge door?