September 11th, 2007



Mum bought a pen. It came in that stiff plastic packaging that you need scissors to get in to. The scissors, they come in the same kind of packaging. So do the knives. *insert conspiracy theory here*

Pak 'n' Save in Porirua has those machines that weigh your produce for you and print out price labels. You touch the screen for your stuff. They have tomatoes and mushrooms categorised as vegetables.

Last night I got cuddles. Now I want more. Tonight I get my own bed for a night. I'm looking forward to seeing First.

I woke up this morning with two kinds of inspiration. I like it when that happens. Thanks, xhile, for your energy.

PS We went to a garden centre. We bought feijoa, daphne, scabiosa, cascading maple, a pink fuzzy thing and a purple fuzzy thing. I shall plant them tomorrow or Thursday. This is a long term project for Mum. She will have a garden that flowers year round.