September 7th, 2007


Bite the giant again, go on, do it!

Yay for climate change being high on the agenda for APEC. Boo for the US and Australia trying to tell New Zealand that if we're serious about stopping climate change, we should go nuclear.

Personally, I was only 14 and not able to vote when NZ decided to remain nuclear free. But I fully support this stand and believe that a lot of what has shaped us as a nation both economically and culturally since then, has been catalysed by that decision. Things like being at the forefront of opening new world markets (Asia and the Middle East)for our exports when ANZUS fell apart. Things like giving the big finger to the so-called superpowers based on principles. Things like our reputation as being clean and green (whether this is true or not is debatable, but that's how we're perceived), a desirable place to live, not a terrorist target, somewhere where having kids with leukaemia is not directly attributed to living within cooee of a nuclear power plant.

England is still getting effects from the Chernobyl disaster, yet they are pushing us to plonk nuclear power stations on our soil? I say, Fuck Off You Lot.

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There's a poster run tonight. People are meeting at Fidel's after work and going from there. Everything's provided, but I can't be there and kimeros is unwell. allyn and empom (hi and welcome, by the way!) are going, but they could do with one or two other people to help. If you're keen, just turn up at Fidel's and I will be forever grateful.

By the way, frost? WTF? It's September! (but i do like the sun. clearly the world is conspiring to provide mum with a beautiful first day home)