September 5th, 2007


This should be interesting

Last night as I was out walking the dogs in the rain, I came across a man in the bottom of Ngaio Gorge. Nothing unusual about that. But this man is someone I recognised as a fellow raver. I've seen him at loads of parties, danced with him, had my photo taken with him, conversed with him. He's an out-there dresser too.

In the bottom of the gorge, he was wearing a raincoat and jeans and carrying his shopping. I had two dogs, was wearing my glasses and a long coat and didn't have my hair in. We looked like grownups, with lives that involved mundane things like dog-walking and shopping-carrying. We said "Hi" as we passed, and smiled. And it wasn't till a couple of seconds after meeting his eye that I realised who I'd said hi to.

One of those odd moments out of time and context, that left me thinking about the delineation between the different aspects of my life.

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Ok, so tell me - what do you think of next year's BM theme?

I am in two minds. Part of me is thinking "What a way to alienate everyone who isn't American!" The other part is thinking "What a great opportunity to create some fantastic, pointed art! And the non-Americans can create some real perspective stuff for the navel-gazers to feel uncomfortable at!"

One thing for sure, it's controversial, unlike this year's lame theme. And controversy is a great breeding ground for good art.