September 2nd, 2007


Sunday dribble

Spring weather, several days in a row, and it's September! Chalk it up! It was supposed to be gale force winds today, but they never eventuated and once more we're showered with golden sunshine. The oak tree is doing that verdant thing that it does when getting the new leaves, we should have daphne (yum) in a week or two, and the tulips are coming up in the botanic gardens.

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On the APEC Sydney wall thing, I saw an interview with one of the would-be protestors yesterday, and the guy was saying "The only people I've heard mention violence in relation to the APEC conference are the police." Telling, I thought.

Also, while I think on - anyone on here an electrician or know enough about electricity to stop my friend Gadgit from electrocuting himself? He's building a Tesla coil, and has got to the point where it's doing what it's supposed to - but he's scared of it and doesn't want to do any more work without advice from someone who really knows their stuff. Anyone?