September 1st, 2007


Let sleeping dogs?

We have a house full of dogs. It never fails to amaze me how dogs can fill a house. I think maybe that's the reason people have dogs - they make a house warm and furry (oh so very furry) *brushes yet more dog hair off clothes*.

We have Mum's dog staying with us. Flint is a Border Collie. Mum wanted a small dog, and his parents were small but under Mum's feeding, everything grows. You've met my brother, right? Right. Well, Flint is now the biggest Border Collie I've ever seen. He stands about mid-thigh and is longer than a long thing. And FLUFFY!

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Thanks for reading, if you managed that. I know a few people who read this will be interested, everyone else will go "Oh look, Tats is ranting about stuff nobody cares about again."

But it was also an excuse to post pictures of pretty dogs frolicking (well, lazing in First's case) in the lovely spring sunshine.

Also, these dogs are three months apart in age. They are both nine. And pretty well preserved for oldies, I reckon.

I love my dog.