August 31st, 2007


Quick updatey

There will be a clothes swap tomorrow, at the home of the lovely rivet, starting at 1pm. Bring clothes, or not, bring some yummmy food, or not, bring yourself. Let's play dressups!

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Tonight, I'm hoping to make it to Fidels. allyn, I'll bring along your cloak - it's sat in my house for long enough without you being able to wear it, time for you to start using it, yes. *nods*

Meanwhile, I don't have time to backscroll, so if anything earth-shattering happened while I was away, can you let me know please?



Mr happyinmotion, please stop being so bloody English. Some of us would have liked to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday while you were there, instead of two days late when SOMEONE ELSE ON LJ tells us it was your birthday two days ago.


(secretly we love you, english n all)