August 25th, 2007

going native

The email I sent around work yesterday

We are expected to do a 'whereabouts' email if we're going to be off work for any amount of time, so everyone knows where we are. Usually these say things like "Maria will be out of the office on leave from this date to this date." *yawn*

Mine -

Title: Narny Narny Narny!

Body: "I'm off on leave all next week. During that time I will be:

    Exploring parts of the South Island I've never been to
    Building a gigantic snowman, dousing it in accelerants and setting fire to it
    Hoop dancing at an all ages rave in Christchurch

See you on the other side.

Love, Me
*insert corporate stuff of your choosing here. you can't have my cellphone number because i'm on holiday*"

Plane flies out 1pm. IamsoexcitedIhaventbeenboardinginforeveranddancingandmyfriendsandYYAAAAYYYY!!!