August 19th, 2007


And just for contrast

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Not bad for only a few hours' sleep. Yay parties, yay epic sets from Helix, yay sailors, nurses, sheep+guys in swannies (yerp), urbane cowboys with shiny chaps, but most especially yay rivet dressed as Lolita the Naughty Schoolgirl spinning a hoop. Seriously. *drools*

And allyn, your cloak awaits. I had an inspiration and got it done. You have to promise to let me fondle it regularly, mmk? I enjoyed sewing it purely for the tactile factor.

Now, I'm gonna go blob for a bit, do some washing like, you know, those domesticated folk do, then eat some well earned greasies and snuggle in front of a dvd. Because my life is all about the normal mainstreamness of it all..