August 17th, 2007



Flat tyres on the way to work make life so much more interesting! In that 'this is the environment punishing you for not wanting to stand in the rain at the bus stop' kind of way. Or it could be that 'you took too long to get dressed, how hard is it to choose between plain or stripes?' kind of way.

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Last night I got the opportunity to observe Serato Scratch in action. Serato Scratch is a combination of software and a hardware device that you plug into a mixer, a laptop and a couple of turntables, that allows you to play mp3s using vinyl - including scratching. The records it uses are pressed with a time code, and (here I'm guessing) the computer keeps track of the code, so when you scratch, it plays back the bit it's just coded. Is that close enough, xhile? Anyway, it's funky. You can also play normal records through it, and seamlessly mix between vinyl and mp3s.

I got to hear scratched-up Polarise! Colour me Squee! It was also nice to get a close up view of xhile doing his thing, which he's very very good at. It's interesting when you're watching someone beatmatch really closely, seeing what their hands are doing, yet you still can't hear where one track ends and the other begins. That's good mixing, and I was impressed. Also, there's that dj face angle, concentration thing that is Hot as Fuck.

Yes, that was TMI, and probably kind of shallow. I don't care. *sticks out tongue*

I think First is going off boys again. This morning when I let her out of the laundry, that pungentsweetmusky smell that she gives off wasn't there. If I can't smell it, the boy dogs probably can't either. I will check for swelling (ew!) and if it's gone, she can stay in another couple of days and then be free. Poor wee jailbird..

Friday! Fidels at 4:30 ish as usual, no fire dancing *glares at sky* so I might actually get to be social for a bit. And party tomorrow, at which there will be much eye candy and good music, and possibly me not having to get up and shear sheep the next day so the ability to stay out all night. Life is good.

Lo! A puter the size of my geekhood!

So for my trip away, work kitted me out with a laptop. I was stoked because normally I travel with a flash drive, and this thing has wireless internet, terminal server, all the bells and whistles. And it came in a posh bag too! I put my boot next to it to give you an idea of the size. Colour me excited!

And when I looked inside, I was speechless!

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Oh well. At least I'll have internet.