August 15th, 2007


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You know how sometimes everything happens, all at once?

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So anyway, my dog is a skank. Well, actually, she's not, but at the moment she's giving off little pink hearts a la Jess from Footrot Flats, that make all the neighbourhood dogs think she's a skank. Vis:

Currently she's locked in the laundry, out of reach of marauding dogs. Of course it's the dogs that maraud, not her. No, her virtue is sacred to her. Really. But anyway, she hates being shut inside. She's an outside dog born and bred, and the only time she's happy inside is when we're there with her, otherwise she gets bored with nothing to look at and smell and listen to. I imagine it's something like being in solitary confinement for her. So I got the liquid brown eyes and the tragic expression this morning. Me, being the total pushover that I am, left her with some things to take out her frustration on, which will be in tiny pieces by tonight.

Meanwhile the neighbour's entire male dog is likely to visit today. His usual MO is to hang about under the window for a while, then steal all the bedding out of her kennel, tear it up a bit and make off with some, which I'll find strewn down the path when I get home.

Dog romance is weird.

Okay, question for the day: What would YOU do in a zombie apocalypse? Where would you go and who would you take with you?