August 13th, 2007


It's all about the package

I am doing remarkably well today considering that I didn't get to sleep till about 2.30am. I must stop having late night conversations and also doing ironing till midnight. *nod*

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There's been a suggestion of clothes swapping. I'm into this idea given my multiple Bags O Stuff. Discussions so far have revealed that the 19th is out, and the following weekend I'm away in Christchurch. So, how about this Saturday the 18th or Saturday the 1st of September, some time in the early afternoon? Please comment with your preferred day if you're interested.

And, would someone like to volunteer their relatively accessible and central lounge to be invaded by semi-naked women? They may not be semi-naked when they arrive but they probably will get that way over the course of the afternoon.

Also, shall we hoop tonight? *looks daggers at sky* Yes, of course it's going to stop raining.

OK, back to clothes swapping. I have had contact from several people whose wardrobes are in states of explosion, who are getting ready for the Cleanout O Doom. I would like to suggest that people do this as soon as possible, and photograph their own piles. They could then post said photographs on the internet (because it's not real until you do that), and we could have our own version of 'Rate My Clothes Pile.' Suggestions for an A, B, C, D, E style rating system most welcome.

And, BOYS! Surely you have clothes you'd like to rid yourself of? How about you do a (probably mini since boys seem better at not exploding their wardrobes) version of this as well, so we can have boy stuff at our swaps too? I know several men who'd be into some new-ish shirts, pants and jackets, and have some stuff to unload. Come on, step up. Then maybe we can stop dressing up hesperus!

In other news, I'm starting to get excited about going to Christchurch. There's boarding, there's Melting Man, and there's Nitrate. I'm very curious to see how xhile is going to segue from happy hardcore to psytrance. I know that if anyone can do it, he can, but ... happy hardcore? Psytrance? *looks from one hand to the other* Hmm..

*prepares for some very fast jumping up and down on the spot*