August 11th, 2007


I am bored with my wardrobe

And Mum needed dresses with button up fronts for after her operation when she won't be able to wear skirts or pants for a while. So we went to SaveMart with our budgets.

Shopping for clothes with my Mum is FUN!

Mum: "This dress is a bit posh for doing housework don't you think?"
Me: "Who says you can't get dressed up to do the washing?"
Mum: "I love you." *hug*

(the L word doesn't get used much in my family and it brought a wee tear to my eye)

Mum now has four new dresses that are Shiny, two shirts, and some warm matching jackets and cardigans. She will now be comfortable, warm and look good during her convalescence. And she looks good in colours I wish I could wear, so I get to do it vicariously through her.

I may also have come away with a nice wee haul of Not Boring Because They Are New things to wear to work and elsewhere, and a pair of shoes screamed "WE WANT POLLY!" at me, and xhile joined us and rampantly enthused his way through the costume section. So a very successful shopping trip. I love my Mum. It was nice to see her enjoying herself with something simple and fun.

I may go out later, but right now I'm going next door to play dressups. *beam*