August 10th, 2007



Today I'm feeling a bit bleary eyed after staying up far too late last night. But there were TOYS to be played with! And BOYS to be conversed with. And to be taught English Literature in a kinaesthetic way.

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And a reminder to people that the Kiwiburn flag will be at Fidel's today from about 4:30 onwards for the signing thereof, before taking off to Auckland to catch up with the burners up there. Come say hi and get represented on the playa!

*looks at sky* Apparently Winter Schminter has been postponed to next weekend because we're supposed to get a nasty storm. Boo! Rain might stop sheep shearing on Sunday too, which means that next weekend I'm faced with the same party-followed-by-shearing-how-late-can-i-stay-out dilemma as this weekend. Only next weekend there are two parties...

When did I get so busy?